One of the reasons Poetry Press Week exists is to bring publishers and poets together in real time. We bypass the slush pile. In fact, as Major Jackson said at our O, Miami show, “I wish the slush pile was as entertaining as this evening.”

And we don’t just want nationally-known presses and editors on the front row at our runways. We want everybody. Brand-new, small, indie presses and journals alongside the large, established ones. Everyone at the table together.

If you’re a publisher or editor of poetry, and you’re able to make it to our show in Portland, June 17-18 at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, we’d love to put you close to the action.

RSVP by June 14 to [email protected] to reserve up to two runway-side seats for one or both nights of Poetry Press Week. We can’t wait to see you there!

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